School of Astronautics


Contact : ZHU Lili

Tel : 0451-86403166

E-mail :

Address : 92 West Dazhi Street,Nan Gang District ,Harbin

website :

Established in 1987, the School of Astronautics of Harbin Institute of Technology (HITSA) is the first in China dedicated to cultivating talent and conducting cutting-edge research in the field of aerospace. HITSA takes it as its mission to tackle scientific and technical challenges in astronautics and to promote the research serving major national needs as well as providing a global impact on society-at-large. HITSA has formed a research and teaching system combining fundamental studies and engineering applications characterized by wideness in scope and strong synergism in five disciplines: Mechanics, Control Science and Engineering, Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology, Optical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology. The major research areas currently include: design of spacecraft and craft system, deep space exploration, autonomous navigation and control, novel guidance and simulation, advanced composite materials and structures, dynamics and control of aerial vehicles, laser communication, remote sensing and diagnosis, space optics and information technology, and IC design and MEMS, etc.

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